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2020 ABF Conference & Tradeshow

Conference Presentations

The 2020 American Beekeeping Federation Conference & Tradeshow presentations are now available! Please use the links below to download content.


Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Legislative Update
Fran Boyd, Meyers and Associates

Mites: Does Size Matter?
Dr. Steven Cook, USDA-ARS Beltsville Bee Lab


Thursday, January 9, 2020


Commercial SIG: California Almond Polination
Russell Heitkam, Heitkam’s Honey Bees
Denise Qualls, CEO/President, The Pollination Connection

Commercial SIG: Effective or Not So Much? Top 5 Commercial Beekeeping Practices
BIP Tech Transfer Team Field Specialists

Honey Producer-Packer SIG: Where Do We Grow from Here?
Tim Tucker, Tuckerbees Honey

Honey Producer-Packer SIG: Strategies & Practices for Efficient Operation Growth
Dr. Fred Proni, Véto-pharma

Small-ScaleSideliner SIG: Integrated Pest Management for Varroa Mites
Dr. Judy Wu-Smart, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Small-ScaleSideliner SIG: Managing Colony Numbers to Meet Demands
Tim Wilbanks, Heritage Honeybee

Almond Industry Update
Josette Lewis, Almond Board of California

Update from the Apiary Inspectors of America (AIA)
Dr. Kim Skyrm, Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and AIA Vice President

Panel: BIP’s Role and Impact on Commercial Beekeeping: How and Why the Technical Transfer Team Program Works
Dr. Geoffrey Williams, Auburn University
Ben Saullmann, Oregon State University
Dan Aurell, Texas A&M University
Matt Hoepfinger, University of California Davis

Case Study: Is the Increase in Fungicide Use Affecting Bee Health?
Ben Saullmann, Oregon State University

Shock Drops! Are they even worth my time?
Matt Hoepfinger, University of California Davis

Early Signs of Amitraz Resistance: Is it working like it used to?
Dan Aurell, Texas A&M University


Friday, January 10, 2020


Keeping Bees for Marriott International
Matthew Sanchez, Lead Beekeeper, Marriott International

Panel: What Do You Need to Know about Beekeeping? Expert Beekeepers Take Your Questions and Offer Advice
Mike Klem, Cardinal Country Apiary
Jeremy Margaron, JM Apiaries
Jay Miller, 2J Farms
Blake Shook, Desert Creek Honey
Dan Winter, Winter Apiaries, LLC

Handout: Honey Bottle
Handout: Income and Expenses 2016-2019
Handout: Personal Opinions 2020


Saturday, January 11, 2020


Basic Beekeeping
Mike Klem, Cardinal Country Apiary

Bee-Engaged: An Average Joe’s Guide to Coming Out of Winter
Joe Komperda, The Average Joe Beekeeper

Making Creamed Honey
Kristi Sanderson, Sweet Prairie Honey

Effective Varroa Management Through IPM
Lance Wilson, Certified Master Craftsman Beekeeper (GMBP)

Healthy Skin with Beeswax and Honey Soaps and Lotions
Becky and Steve Tipton, Country Creek Honey


Maximize Your Hive Harvest: How to Collect, Harvest, Clean, Store and Use ALL the Hive Resources
Jeannie Saum, BEEpothecary, LLC

Integrating Beekeeping and Homeschooling with Lessons Learned While Growing From 0 to 100+ Hives
Jeremy Margaron, JM Apiaries

PowerPoint: Part 1
PowerPoint: Part 2
PowerPoint: Part 3

Nutrition Management for Robust Populations
Lance Wilson, Certified Master Craftsman Beekeeper (GMBP)

Bee Propolis: A Research-Supported Health Resource
Jeannie Saum, B.S.Ed., M.Ed.; BEEpothecary, LLC

Sentinel Apiary Program Workshop: 2019 Data Discussion and Participant Experience
Eric Malcolm and Rachel Kuipers, Bee Informed Partnership

Value Added Products from the Hive for Health and Wealth
Deborah Klughers, Bonac Bees

PowerPoint: Part 1
PowerPoint: Part 2